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Testicular Trauma: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment and More

Types of Testicular Trauma

There are different kinds of tissues in the testicles as well as different structures of the scrotum attached to these organs. Therefore, testicular trauma may also be caused by different factors. These include:

– Fracture: This trauma causes the tissues in the testicles to break, which may tear the protective cover

– Rupture: The injury happens when the protective coating around the testicles is torn and damaged

– Torsion: It occurs when the spermatic cord is twisted by an injury or other causes

– Contusion: When blood vessels in the testicles are injured, which results in bruising and bleeding

– Epididymitis: The epididymis can be injured and inflamed or infected

– Dislocation: This trauma occurs when the testicle is pushed out of the scrotum

– Hematoceles: The problem causes blood to build up under the protective layer covering the testicle

– Infections: Typically caused by bites from animals to the scrotum [3]