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10 Shingles Remedies & Treatments You Should Know

When people have extremely painful or itchy lesions across the face or torso, then it is likely to be triggered by shingles. Indeed, millions of people suffer from this condition per year due to the reactivation of the same virus that causes chickenpox by illnesses, stress, trauma, or aging. When experiencing this condition, it is important to visit your healthcare provider and seek proper relief. Below are the top 10 shingles remedies and treatments to alleviate the symptoms.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are a natural option to treat shingles. These products contain many anti-inflammatory components that can speed up the healing process and help with your skin irritation. Some common types to consider include:

– Tee tree oil: promote the healing of wounds with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory components
– Eucalyptus oil: increase the speed of sores heal
– Chamomile oil: aid in the regeneration of skin cells and improve ulcers

In many cases, pure oils would lead to allergic reactions. Thus, make sure to dilute them with a carrier oil before using it. Also, you should do a patch test to see if there are any side effects. Some types of essential oils aren’t legal to use, so it is necessary to talk with a doctor or pharmacist. [1]