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Common Treatment Options for Kidney Failure

There are two kidneys in the body, which are located at the lower back. Each of them can be found on each side of the spine. The main roles of kidneys are to filter the blood and remove wastes from the body during urination. When these organs cannot filter toxins properly, kidney failure happens. There are many causes for this health issue, such as trauma, severe dehydration, or some chronic and acute diseases. Below are some common treatment options for kidney failure that you need to know.


Dialysis is basically the process of filtering and purifying the blood with the help of a machine. In other words, the machine may serve as artificial kidneys in the body. There are many forms of dialysis available. You can be connected to a portable catheter bag or a large machine. Along with dialysis, it is advisable to follow a low-salt and low-potassium diet. Keep in mind that dialysis does not cure kidney failure. However, it would extend the lifespan when you go to the treatments on a regular basis. [1]