10 Ways to Detect Cancer in Its Earliest Stage

If you have been diagnosed with a precancerous condition or if you have had a family member with cancer, it is important to stay alert for early signs of this condition. However, growth, severity, and exact signs of tumor growth can vary from person to person. This makes it quite challenging to diagnose cancer, especially in the early stages. The key is to pay attention to any unusual changes in the body. Below are 10 ways to help detect cancer in the early stages.

1Physical Exam for Early Cancer Symptoms

Many body changes might indicate the presence of cancer. These include:

– Skin changes: When the skin becomes more red, yellow, or darker, it can be a sign of skin cancer. Other typical symptoms include itching, more hair growing, moles, thickened skin, or abnormal lumps.

– A sudden loss of weight: If you lose more than 10 percent of the body weight in 6 months, make sure to inform your doctor. It would be an early sign of lung cancer, esophagus cancer, stomach cancer, or pancreas cancer.

– Bladder or bowel changes: Issues like diarrhea, constipation, or a change in the size of the stool might indicate bladder or prostate cancer, especially when they persist.

– Other common signs: fatigue, unexplained pain, headache, fever, cough, or excessive sweating.[1]


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