Ewing Sarcoma – Symptoms & Causes

Ewing sarcoma is the growth of cancerous tumors in soft tissues or bones. This is a very rare type of bone cancer that mostly occurs in the elderly and young people. However, people of all ages can be at risk of developing this health issue. It would lead to many serious complications as other cancer forms. Fortunately, the condition can be treated, and, if detected early, full recovery is likely. Below are some common symptoms and causes of Ewing sarcoma that you need to know to take preventive measures.

16 Symptoms of Ewing Sarcoma


One of the most typical symptoms of Ewing sarcoma is the swelling around the affected bones or soft tissues. This indicates that the condition is causing inflammation in your body. Notice any lump, along with redness, around your bones. If the bones are located around a joint, then the swelling might make it harder to use these groups. Swelling often occurs in the chest, pelvis, legs, or arms. There might be other particular symptoms related to the exact location. For instance, swelling around your chest bones would lead to shortness of breath and affect the basic functions of your lungs. [1]


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