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Strawberry Leaves – Information and Facts


Vegetables and fruits are very rich sources of vitamins and other nutrients. But recent research has revealed that we are getting only too little of what there is to get out of these nutrients. We have shortchanged our body’s nourishment for certain pleasures and sheer choice for the consumption of these nutritious foods. Experts have repeatedly confirmed that some of the nutrients contained in fruits are just beneath the skin of the fruit. Some of the nutrients are stored away neatly in the leaves. In fact, there’s no telling how much nutrient has gone down the drain since we knew how to eat fruits and vegetables. What do I mean? Lots of people chop off the green star-shaped leave on its top (the calyx), with little or no knowledge of the robust medicinal benefits that abound there. [1]

Strawberry leaves are a bundle of so much goodness! A study showed that strawberry leaves contained comparable anti-oxidant properties to those of grapefruit juice. Dipped in hot water, the herbal tea delivers the necessary chemicals which may be necessary to reduce the risk of cancer, aging, and some heart diseases. There are several other health benefits of this wonderful fruit leaf, a few of which are discussed shortly.