Carrot Allergy – Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment


Food allergies are quite common in our world today. You hear about allergy to this fruit and that vegetable, sometimes it could be you, yourself, with the allergy. Of all types of allergies, pollen allergy seems to be one of the most common seasonal allergies. Many vegetables and fruit contain similar proteins in their pollen. When the pollen finds its way into your body (or comes in contact with your skin), an allergy might result if you’re allergic to it. Some examples include ragweed, cucumber, banana, birch tree pollen, and carrot. An allergy to any of these foods is an indication of an oral allergy syndrome since it results from pollens. [1]

Carrot allergy is not as common in the US as it is in parts of Europe. People with this allergy experience discomfort when they consume or handle carrots. More often, eating raw carrots are the easiest route to coming down with symptoms of the allergy. It has been noticed in some people with carrot allergy that eating cooked carrots didn’t bring up the symptoms. Certain foods and products should be observed with a wary eye to keep low the tendency of suffering an allergy. We’d discuss them shortly.


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