The Health Benefits of Glycine

2-aminoacetic acid, often known as glycine, is a neurotransmitter and amino acid. The body needs it to produce proteins for the maintenance and growth of tissue. Also, the substance plays a key role in creating enzymes and hormones. Glycine can be naturally produced by the body. However, we can also take it in from many dietary supplements or protein-rich foods. Here are the top 10 health benefits of glycine that you should know.

1Improve Sleep Quality

Most of us cannot have a good rest at night because of difficulty staying or falling asleep. Glycine has been shown to improve overall quality. The substance has a calming effect on the brain and can reduce body temperature. Both effects can help you fall asleep easier. Studies in those with sleep problems have suggested that taking three grams of glycine before bedtime can improve cognition, reduce daytime sleepiness, improve sleep quality, and reduce the needed duration to fall asleep. Therefore, it can be a good option to replace prescription sleeping drugs. [1]


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