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One of the Measures to Thin Blood or Boost Its Velocity – Natural Foods

Natural Blood Thinning Foods


Certain internal conditions and factors in the blood, with external factors inherent in the blood vessels, can result in a blood clot when balance is disrupted. Blood clotting is helpful in the body as a means of preventing hemorrhage should the vascular wall be broken or traumatized. However, excessive and abnormal clotting are both dangerous, and can result in death. In some disease conditions, and congenital anomalies of the heart, the ability of the blood to clot is generally increased. Conditions such as congenital heart defect, irregular heartbeat, and some medical procedures, have profound effects on the clotting ability of blood.

Some of the factors that contribute to the randomized formation of blood clot in the body include, the velocity of blood flow, viscosity of blood, concentration of anti-coagulants, and the nature of the internal surface of the vessels. When blood flows slowly, and is yet too viscous (too thick), the tendency for clot formation is high. To overhaul the unnecessary clotting of blood that may lead to thrombosis, and perhaps, death, some measures are taken to thin the blood or boost its velocity. Most of the well-known blood thinners are prescription medications, but there are natural substances suspected with abilities to thin the blood though these suspicions haven’t been tested and proven true. Some of these natural blood thinning foods, which also help the smooth flow of blood, are discussed in this article.