Why Sleeping On Your Back Could Help Solve Your Sleep Issues?

People sleep in different ways, from a tummy position or a tummy posture to a fetal position. While you would think that back sleeping can be for zombies or vampires, it seems to be a simple solution to many health problems. In this article, we’ll go deep into some benefits of sleeping on your back.

1Scientific Evidence on Back Sleeping

Sleeping on the back, scientifically known as supine sleeping, has been proved to provide many health benefits. These include:

– Easing sinus accumulation

– Reducing compression and pressure on the chest

– Easing tension headaches

– Keeping the spine properly aligned

– Preventing irritation and wrinkles on the face

For babies, back sleeping can help lower the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. Thismay be partly because the fact that if babies sleep on the stomach or prone, it may increase upper airway secretions, respiratory work of breathing, or nasal bacterial load. Some studies have also suggested that side and back sleeping are linked to less spinal pain compared to stomach sleeping. [1]


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