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Why Sleeping On Your Back Could Help Solve Your Sleep Issues?

Back Sleeping Improves Breathing and Ease Neck/Back Pain

If you sleep on the side or on the belly, it may affect the breathing space. In general, the diaphragm plays a key role in breathing. Therefore, stomach or side sleeping would compress this muscle and lead to shallower breathing. Many studies have shown that back sleeping may improve your breathing, thus benefiting the attention span, mood, and lowered stress. This posture can also stimulate the body to release more melatonin, a hormone that can induce sleep and boost relaxation. [2]

Another benefit of sleeping on the back is to ease pressure on the spine. This posture mimics your body position when standing up straight. On the other hand, sleeping on the stomach with the head to one side may have your head turned in a direction for an extended period when standing or sitting. This would lead to neck or back pain when you wake up in the morning. Belly sleeping may compress the spine as well since the neck is tilted back. Lying on your back is a simple way to keep the spine aligned and maintain its natural curve. You can place both hands on your chest or at your side to avoid neck or back pain. [3]