Does Vaping Cause Lung Cancer?

1Vaping and Lung Cancer

Different from tobacco products, vaping involves the use of e-cigarettes, which heat up coils with energy from a battery. These coils may vaporize liquids in a reservoir or cartridge and generate an aerosol. The liquid mainly contains nicotine and other components users can inhale into their lungs. While smoking uses flame to produce smoke, the lack of combustion in vaping may lead to the production of fewer harmful chemicals. But does this mean vaping is a healthy option? Read on the next sections to learn more. [1]

The link between lung cancer and smoking is well established. Vaping is less dangerous to smoking. However, it is not without risk. E-cigarettes still contain many harmful chemicals, especially nicotine, which may be toxic to the lungs. Based on the currently available information about these components, it is possible that vaping would increase the risk of developing lung cancer. The may happen over time when toxic chemicals cause irritation and inflammation of lung tissues. [2]


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