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The Things You Should Know about Castor Oil Pack


Castor oil is an ancient medical seed oil made from Ricinus Communis, Castor seed. It is slightly less dense than water and constitutes of triglycerides mainly the 18-carbon ricinoleic acid. In the early Egyptian state, as far back as the 16th century, castor oil is believed to inhibit the growth of microbial organisms including bacteria, fungi and viruses. Therefore, castor oil has been documented to be used in the treatments of certain hair conditioning, skin care, detoxification, epilepsy, worm infections, sunburn, management of fibroid and fertility and as a laxative. It is usually used when these ailments have not been responsive to conventional medicine.

Castor oil pack, however, is a thick absorbent clothing material usually made of cotton or wool that is soaked in castor oil and used externally for proper application and to enhance absorption and circulation.