Health Benefits of Seaweed

For centuries, sea veggies or seaweed have been a popular ingredient in Asian cuisines. They are available in different colors, from black and brown to green and red. Grown along rocky shorelines, seaweed is very versatile. You can use this food in many dishes and recipes, such as smoothies, supplements, salads, stews, soups, or sushi rolls. More importantly, it is extremely nutritious. Below are 10 science-backed health benefits of seaweed.

1Great Source of Nutrients

There are many types of seaweed. Each of them contains various sets of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. These include calories, carbs, protein, fat, fiber, riboflavin, thiamin, iron, manganese, and copper. In addition, seaweed is rich in a small of vitamins like K, E, C, A, along with magnesium, calcium, sodium, zinc, and folate. Although it only makes a small contribution to the recommended daily intake for some nutrients, adding seaweed to the diet several times during the week could be a simple way to ensure a well-balanced diet. Some other essential substances in this food include protein like chlorella and spirulina, vitamin B12, and omega-3 fats. [1]


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