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12 Magnesium Rich Foods You Can Eat

Some call magnesium the body’s master commander. Do you know why? It is because magnesium is an essential mineral necessary for most, if not all the metabolism processes in the body. This mineral is present everywhere in the body. Not many people know that for the proper functioning of hundreds of enzymes that regulates and rule the body, magnesium is needed. Thus, most people do not give cognizance to magnesium-rich food. In fact, medical research says that some or most illnesses owe to the deficiency of magnesium. Hence, it is important to feed your body with the right amount of magnesium daily so as to stay healthy. How do you go about this? Very simple! Incorporate magnesium-rich foods into your diet. Below are the top 12 foods rich in magnesium.


Spinach is one leafy food that is very rich and loaded with nutrients. One of the nutrients these amazing food supplies is magnesium. And as stated earlier, magnesium is an essential and significant mineral in the body. Consuming up to 100 milligrams of spinach per day will do the body a lot of benefits. For instance, a case study of men who ate spinach daily reports that they had a higher level of magnesium and as a result had regulated blood pressure with a lowered risk of stroke, we’re free from constipation and were immune to migraine headaches. Spinach can be eaten raw, added to salads, smoothies or almost any dish. [1]