Why Do Colds Get Worse At Night?

1Why Do Colds Get Worse At Night?

Maybe you have a flush of cold or a tingling sensation in your nostrils that wouldn’t go away. It could be some bout of the common cold or the flu. At any rate, symptoms of cold can be really frustrating for anybody, what’s more, at night it gets scarier and despairing. Have you got a cold that seems to get worse at night, and by any chance improves after sunup? There’s no cause for alarm, it isn’t uncommon to experience such alternating periods. Often, when you have a cold, you could still bear to take a walk in the yard in the cool of the evening or work out in a backstreet gym. You could even be glued to your TV screen for a better part of your day. Whatever the case, our activities during the day are such that we might be distracted from noticing the discomforting globs of mucus blocking our nasal passages. It’s a lot easier to ignore the symptoms of a cold you’re having when you’re having a good time in the day. Do you still wonder why you seem to feel sicker at night than during the day? We’d discuss three major reasons it appears so. Join me on this ride!


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