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Why Is My Baby Coughing

Coughing is an essential of the defense system in the body. It helps get rid of possibly harmful irritants and microbes. Just like adults, a baby’s cough may indicate different things. However, it is impossible for parents to ask their little ones what is wrong. That’s why it is important to notice unusual signs and seek medical attention if necessary. Below are a few common reasons why babies cough.

Croup Cough

Croup is often triggered by a viral infection. It causes the trachea lining to swell up and narrows the airways. This makes your babies find it harder to breathe and have a barking cough. The most obvious sign is to hear them cough during the night with barking noises. This seal-like sound tends to happen when the babies breathe in. Children under 5 years old are mostly affected. It usually starts with a usual sniffle or cold earlier during the day. Croup would disappear after 3 or 4 days. Otherwise, make sure to call the doctor. Parents can try some home remedies to help alleviate the breathing of their babies. [1]