Common Causes of Hair Loss

Normally, most people often lose around 50 or 100 hairs per day. But if you lose more than this amount, then you might experience hair loss, which can be caused when something disrupts the growth cycle and damage your hair follicle. Whether children, men, or women might have this issue and tend to panic in these cases. However, do not panic because it might lead to further loss. Instead, reading our guide to find out 10 most common causes of hair loss and seek proper treatments to counteract the condition.


Both women and men will see some thinning and hair loss when they get aged. From 30 years old onwards, the growth of your hair begins to slow and the volume also decreases gradually. Unfortunately, you cannot fight against Mother Nature on this issue. Many people simply embrace it and choose to match with some clothes to improve their look. Also, there might be some prescription medications that can slow down the process. Hair transplants could also be considered. [1]


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