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Tips on How to Stop Touching Your Face

During the current pandemic of COVID-19, avoiding touching our face is obviously helpful advice to follow. However, this can be actually a challenging task for many people. It is something that we do countless times during the day. Wiping the mouth, tired eyes, and an itchy nose are just a few reasons we put our hands on this part. In this post, we’ll show you some simple tips to stop touching your face.

Sit on Hands

If you often pick or touch your face while sitting, a simple tip is to sit on them. This can be done when you are in the class or working and do not need these parts to take notes or type. By designating a specific place to put your hands instead of the face, you would effectively break the habit. An alternative option is to lace the fingers together and place them on the table or lap rather than leaning the face in the hands. [1]