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The Bridge Piercing – Everything You Need to Know

What Is Bridge Piercing?

A bridge piercing is a form of body modification that runs horizontally across the nose’s bridge. This practice used to be very popular during the 1990s and is now becoming popular again. Technically, it is often considered to be a surface technique as the bridge is not fleshy enough for the dermal. More and more people choose to have a bridge piercing as it may create a very unique look on the face. The next sections will show more information that you should know before making a decision. [1]

Types of Bridge Piercing

The bridge piercing can be divided into two main forms:

– Horizontal bridge piercing: This form runs horizontally on the skin surface between the nose bridge and eyes. The jewelry is inserted into one end to the other. This is the more common option as the barbell may be aligned with the eyes, thus creating a balanced and gorgeous look.

– Vertical bridge piercing: In this type, the barbell goes down the bridge. One end of the jewelry ends above the other. You would make it look more stylish and attractive by pairing it with a forehead piercing.

Each of these type may look great by itself. To make it even better, you may combine with other facial piercings.[2]