Vertigo: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments & Diet

Vertigo is sometimes called a symptom rather than a condition. It is a medical condition that gives you a whirling and spinning sensation which makes it seem everything around you is moving and reeling. Vertigo is a medical condition caused by different situations. It can be persistent and can keep coming and going. In this case, medical attention is needed. Here, we will be looking at the causes, symptoms, treatments, and diets of vertigo.[1]

1Causes of Vertigo

Looking down from a Height

Not everyone experiences something as strange as this, but there are some people out there who cannot look down from a great height. If they try such, they end up having a reeling sensation in which everything around would seem to be turning all round and round, making them lose balance, sick and with a headache. It is this reeling sensation that makes people acrophobic, that is, scared of height. People who suffer from vertigo due to height do not experience this sensation with just any height; they experience it with only great heights. If the great height is what triggers vertigo in you, then avoid looking down from a great height or totally avoid very high places. [2]


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