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PTSD Signs & Symptoms

PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder is a common psychological problem that often happens after experiencing a frightening or dangerous event. It might involve a perceived or real threat of death or injury, such as sexual or physical abuse, an assault, combat, or a natural disaster. People with this condition often have a higher sense of danger, making them feel fearful or stressed even when the situations are safe. It would occur to people of all ages. Below are key symptoms to look for if you suspect you or your family member might have PTSD.

Intrusive Memories

Intrusive memories are one of the most common and obvious signs of PTSD. These are experiences that you cannot control. They would pop into your mind suddenly, while you actually do not tell the brain or cognitive system to access them. In most cases, it might be impossible to stop those memories. Some forms of intrusive memories include a nightmare or vivid flashback to a traumatic event. They might look like a slide show of some images about the event, which cannot be stopped from playing in the mind. [1]