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6 Typical Symptoms of Concussion

A concussion is a mild form of traumatic brain injury. It typically occurs after the brain and head shake quickly or suffer from strong contact. Common causes include vehicle accidents, a fall, sport, or incidents in daily activities. In most cases, concussions do not cause serious complications, but medical treatment may be necessary for some symptoms. Below are some typical symptoms of concussion that you need to know.

Unclear Speech and Impaired Balance

When a traumatic brain injury occurs due to concussion, it may lead to weakened oral motor muscles and trouble controlling these parts. As a result, people with the condition would have unclear and slurred speech. To find out, you may ask some simple questions, such as “Where do you live” or “How old are you”. If the answers do not make sense, hard to understand, are slurred, or delayed, it could be a possible sign of concussion. [1]

A concussion often causes problems with balance and makes you feel dizzy. When a fall or accident occurs, the injury may cause damage to the central or peripheral vestibular system. These brain areas are responsible for processing information and keeping the body in balance. When they are affected by a concussion, their motor skills may be impaired. This results in a few symptoms, such as vertigo, dizziness, out of balance, or being not able to catch a ball or walk in a straight line. [2]