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10 Asperger Syndrome Symptoms

Asperger syndrome or Asperger’s is a type of autism that is mostly diagnosed in adults and older children. It is typically characterized by considerable troubles in nonverbal communication and social interaction, along with repetitive and restricted interests and patterns of behavior. However, these people might have better than average intelligence and verbal skills. That’s why it is often considered as a high-functioning kind of autism. Here are top 10 Asperger syndrome symptoms that you should notice.

Uncommon Speech Pattern

Those people who experience Asperger syndrome often have some uncommon speech patterns such as speaking too loudly, suddenly changing in thoughts, using odd phrases, or centering conversations on their beliefs and interests. The main reason is that they cannot pick up some social cues as usual and would involve in monologues about topics which can be boring to other people without realization. Typically, these people are unable to determine if their listeners are listening or engaging. In young children, there might be a development of sophisticated vocabularies. Nevertheless, they find it difficult to understand the meanings of figurative languages and can only use it in literal senses. [1]