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Depression During and After Pregnancy: Symptoms, Causes & Treatments


Depression is a common disorder that can occur to anyone of any age, gender, and race at any time. A depressed mood can negatively affect how people think, feel and act, making people be in a lasting low mood and lose interest in activities they once enjoyed. Under the context of the global pandemic, people are particularly prone to have mental illness due to life pressure, and it is reported that the depression rate has soared to a historical record this year.

You have probably heard of depression during and after pregnancy. These problems are quite prevalent for to-be-moms and newbie moms. According to the data published by the National Health Service, antenatal depression (AD) affects one out of eight pregnant women. And approximately 10% of moms who give birth within a year have experienced postnatal depression (PD). However, the current situation is worse than these statistics. Stanford study finds that the stress among pregnant women and new mothers is doubled during Covid-19. [1]