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10 Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) Symptoms

Narcissistic personality disorder is a type of personality disorder in which people would have an inflated thought of themselves. Also, they are often in an intense need for the attention or admiration of others. This condition might causes issues in many aspects of life such as relationships, school, and work. In worse cases, it can cause serious impairments and other pathological traits in personality. Here is a list of top 10 narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) symptoms that you should notice to seek the right treatments.

Often intimidate or bully others

Narcissists often feel threatened when they encounter somebody who owns something that they lack, particularly those who are popular and confident. They are also threatened by those who challenge or do not show respect to them. The only way to protect themselves and neutralize these threats is to put down those people. For example, they might show a dismissive or patronizing attitude when working to show how little these people mean to them. In extreme cases, narcissists might have constant attacks with name-calling, insults, threats, or bullying. [1]