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10 Early Signs and Symptoms of Dementia

Dementia is a collective term for symptoms experienced due to several possible diseases. Dementia symptoms often associated with declining cognitive functioning – reasoning, remembering, and thinking – and behavioral abilities. However, the above statement does not translate to “everyone dealing with the inability to recall things suffers from dementia.” [1]

Early Symptoms of Dementia

In order to avoid making the wrong call, a person must be experiencing more than one type of impairment, and must evidently interfere with the ability to achieve the daily tasks before receiving a dementia diagnosis.

Although the premier signs of dementia vary, common dementia symptoms include the following:

Memory problems, especially finding it hard to remember recent events
Difficulty in concentrating on a single task
Getting confused from time to time
Changes in behavior or personality
Apathy and depression or withdrawal
The everyday task becomes very challenging to complete [2]

Most times, these symptoms are not always regarded as a red flag to some people. They are of the opinion that these symptoms are the effects of aging, making it reasonable to experience.

Also, symptoms develop gradually and may not be noticed anytime soon. Unfortunately, some people even after noticing them refuse to act as due.