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Nervous Breakdown Symptoms

A nervous breakdown is a period of serious mental distress which makes it difficult for you to perform daily tasks as usual. Many experts often use this term to refer to various mental disorders such as stress disorder, anxiety, and depression. This is often a temporary condition which is resulted from stress and overwhelming demands in life. There are many symptoms that can help you find out whether you are suffering from a nervous breakdown. Check out these signs and seek help if you are dealing with one of these.


Extreme tiredness would be a sign of nervous breakdown. It indicates that you are excessively stressed due to pressure from daily life. This makes it more difficult to perform the usual tasks at work or school. In most cases, resting or sleeping will no help you get better because it is caused by your mental issues. When you are suffering from a breakdown, it will also make you feel so tired that you might lose interest in many things that you used to enjoy such as sex, foods, or games. [1]