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Symptoms of ADHD in Adults

Attention deficit hyperactivity or ADHD is a mental health condition characterized by impulsive behavior, hyperactivity and trouble focusing. Symptoms often appear in early childhood and persist into adulthood. Without proper treatments, the disorder would result in low self-esteem, poor performance at school or work, unstable relationships, and other issues. A combination of psychotherapy and medications can help improve the condition. Below are typical symptoms of ADHD in adults that you should know.


Due to hectic schedules, life events, or tight deadlines, life would be chaotic for us at times. However, people with ADHD often have a more disorganized lifestyle on a regular basis. As a result, it can be hard for them to stay on track and meet their goals. Adults with ADHD might struggle with organizational skills, such as keeping track of goals and projects or prioritizing them in the right order. [1]