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Cancer Fighting Foods – 13 Foods to Include in Your Diet

What you eat every day can have significant effects on your health, including the risks of developing chronic conditions like diabetes or heart disease. In particular, the growth of cancer has been proved to be heavily affected by your diet. A higher intake of some foods which contain beneficial components will reduce the development of this serious health issue. In this post, we’ll show you 13 cancer-fighting foods to include in your daily meal.


Beans are rich in dietary fiber, which might help protect your body against colorectal cancer.[1] Some studies in people with the history of colorectal tumors have found that the consumption of dried, cooked beans on a regular basis can lower the risks of tumor recurrence. Also, eating navy or black beans can block the growth of colon cancer cells by approximately 70 percent. For these reasons, it is advisable to take in a few bean services each week to increase your intake of fiber and fight cancer.