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Chronic Cough – Diagnosis and Treatment

Coughing can be uncomfortable, but it can help bring up foreign material and mucus from the airways, which would irritate the lungs. In most cases, this problem is short-lived once the underlying cause like the flu or a cold improves. But when a cough persists for a few weeks or months, it might indicate a more serious condition like allergies or postnasal drip. In this article, we’ll look at how to diagnose and treat chronic cough.

Chronic Cough Diagnosis

Lung Function Tests

Lung function tests are simple and non-invasive procedures that can help diagnose COPD and asthma. They measure the speed of exhaling and the amount of air the lungs could hold. The most common lung function test is spirometry. It is helpful in assessing the current conditions of the lungs. In addition to initial diagnosis, the test should be done periodically to monitor the condition and see whether treatments for your lung issues are effective or not. [1]