Fibromyalgia – Treatment & Care

Fibromyalgia is a health issue with widespread musculoskeletal pain followed by other health problems related to mood, memory, sleep, and fatigue. This condition would affect how the brain processes your pain signals, thus increasing your painful sensations. Women are often at higher risk of developing fibromyalgia than men. Currently, there is still no cure for this disorder, but there are many ways to help manage the symptoms. In this comprehensive guide, we will show you some care and treatment options for fibromyalgia.


Many drug options are available to help you alleviate the pain caused by fibromyalgia. The most common choices are painkillers. Most of them can be purchased OTC, such as naproxen sodium, ibuprofen, or acetaminophen. Avoid narcotics and opioids as they would result in dependence or abuse over time. Some antidepressants such as milnacipran and duloxetine might also help alleviate fatigue and pain. To promote sleep, your doctor would suggest the use of muscle relaxant cyclobenzaprine or amitriptyline. Lastly, you can also take some anti-seizure medications to cope with fibromyalgia. [1]


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