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Triglyceride Diet – Foods that Lower Triglycerides Naturally

Triglycerides are a form of fat in the blood. They can be converted from calories by the body after each meal and then stored in fat cells for producing energy. However, high levels of triglycerides would increase the risk of heart issues. This can be triggered by many causes, such as diabetes, obesity, or excessive consumption of alcohol. More importantly, a high-calorie diet can be a major risk factor. Below is the list of some foods that can help you lower triglycerides levels naturally.

Fatty Fish

Fatty fish can provide many benefits to heart health and levels of triglycerides in the blood. Salmon, tuna, herring, mackerel, tuna, and other types of fish contain a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, which is a form of polyunsaturated fatty acid that can prevent cholesterols from building up. Ideally, you should consume these foods at least two to three times per week to see the expected results. In the long run, this benefit can prevent the occurrence of some heart diseases and associated conditions. It is better to purchase widely-caught rather than commercially-produced fatty fish. However, avoid consuming too much as they contain a noticeable amount of mercury and other heavy metals. [1]