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Ragweed Allergy – Symptoms & Diet Tips

Ragweed Allergy

Ragweeds are weeds that flourish seasonally, especially between late spring and fall. Ragweeds are among the most notorious causes of seasonal allergies. About 26% of Americans have an allergy to them. During the period when they are rampant, ragweeds spread their pollen about. A single tree is capable of releasing more than a billion pollens. These pollens are the stimulants of allergies. If you are allergic to ragweeds and you inhale this pollen, your immune system reacts adversely to it as though it were a pathogen such as bacteria. You would start to experience the symptoms relating to ragweed allergens. However, an allergy to ragweeds is a strong warning to avoid certain foods. This is because these foods contain some chemicals and proteins similar to those present in ragweeds, and would likely stimulate a similar reaction by the immune system. [1]