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Insect and Bug Bite Identification

Bug and insect bites are not uncommon. They tend to cause minor discomfort and irritation. Nevertheless, these small spots may be painful or lead to more serious complications, in some cases. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to identify common insect and bug stings or bites.


Mosquito bites usually appear as round, puffy, and small lumps. They tend to be redder or lighter than the surrounding areas on the skin. You may find these bites around the hairlines, backs of necks and knees, as well as ankles. Instead of showing in a cluster, mosquito bites are typically isolated. You may feel no pain at first after the bite, but it may become very itchy afterward. Some individuals may have skeeter syndrome, which leads to swollen, painful welts. [1]


Fly bites tend to vary in size and shape, depending on the species. Common flies include black, stable, horse, and deer flies. They tend to cause red, raised welts, or bumps. In some cases, the bites would even bleed. Bites by blackflies may swell as well. You may feel pain after being bitten. Once the pain has subsided, the affected area would become itchy. [2]