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Crohn’s Disease Signs & Symptoms

Crohn’s disease is a form of inflammatory bowel disease that is affecting thousands of people in the world. It is most common in the colon and small intestine when these parts are suffering from inflammation due to some factors such as genetics, environment, or smoking. Over time, the condition would spread to other parts of the GI tract, mouth, and anus. The range of severity might be mild to severe, with different signs. In severe cases, it would result in fatal flare-ups and complications. Here are 10 common Crohn’s disease symptoms you should be careful.

Blood in Stool

Bloody stool is one of the most common and distinctive signs of Crohn’s disease and other digestive issues. This condition would cause open ulcers or sores anywhere in the digestive tract. Unfortunately, these ulcers could bleed and lead to rectal bleeding. Blood could appear on or in the stool. In some cases, you might only pass blood. Since it is often a very serious sign, it is important to see your doctor or healthcare provider immediately. This is especially true when the illness is followed by other symptoms, which can be an obvious red flag that something is happening with the gut. [1]