Symptoms of Fifth Disease

Fifth disease is a common viral condition that causes a red rash on the cheeks, legs, and arms. Most cases occur in children, but people with a weakened immune system or pregnant women would face severe symptoms. Currently, there is no medication to reduce the duration of the disease. That’s why it is important to monitor the patients closely until signs disappear. Read on to learn more about typical symptoms of the fifth disease.


A rash is a typical sign that can help doctors differentiate between the fifth disease and common viral conditions. This problem tends to be one of the earliest sign and occur first on the cheeks or face of children between 4 and 10 years old. It looks like you are slapped with bright and red areas. When the condition progresses, the rash can spread to other body parts, such as legs and arms. You can feel itchy as well. As the rash starts to fade, it would have a web-like or lace-like pattern. Depending on the cause, this symptom would last for a few weeks, particularly with direct exposure to the sun or heat.[1]


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