Diabetes Diet Tips – 15 Foods to Control Blood Sugar

High blood sugar happens when the body cannot transport sugar effectively to your cells from the blood. If left untreated, it would result in diabetes. One way to regulate blood sugar is to have a healthful diet. In general, drinks and foods that your body can absorb slowly are the best options as they won’t cause dips and spikes in blood sugar. Below are 15 foods that can help you control blood sugar levels naturally.


Except for melons and pineapples, most fruits come with low glycemic index scores of less than 55. This is mainly because they contain a lot of fiber and water to balance out the natural fructose, a form of sugar. However, avoid eating ripen fruits as their levels of sugar might increase. The same for fruit juices as the juicing process removes most of the fiber in their seeds and skins. Some studies have shown that people who consume whole fruits, particularly apples, grapes, and blueberries, might have a lower risk of developing diabetes. [1]


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