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Benefits and Risks of Inversion Therapy


Techniques for soothing back pains and spine discomforts have been around for centuries. One of the most important of these techniques which has gained much appreciation over the years is inversion therapy. The therapy is based on the fact that suspending one’s body while upside-down, has an effect of easing the stress off one’s spine. Therapists and doctors recommend inversion table for patients with back pains since the therapy offers considerable traction on the spine, hence disengaging the tight overlap of vertebral discs against bone, and freeing up the nerves as they emerge from their roots. The technique has been proven to produce positive effects in relieving the symptoms of spine problems such as spinal degeneration, stenosis, and disc herniation. It has also been proven effective in people with sciatica, scoliosis, and chronic back pain. [1]