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10 Signs of Bullying

Bullying is undoubtedly the most common form of violence in school, with millions of students bullied every year. This is also a common issue in the workplace. However, it can be hard to figure out bullying behaviors and deal with them, particularly when you are the victim. But if left occurring for an extended period, this problem would lead to many health issues, both mental and physical. Below are 10 signs of bullying that you should look out for and seek support from other people.


Anxiety and stress caused by bullying would lead to some physical manifestations, such as stomachaches or headaches. In some cases, those would be illnesses that can be simple to fake as an excuse to stay home and avoid school activities. So, if your kids often complain about those symptoms, make sure to talk with them about it. A useful tip is to ask some open-ending questions to create an open space where both sides could find out about each other. [1]