Down Syndrome – Things You Need to Know – Facts, Causes & Symptoms

The adverse effects of the Down syndrome on us human beings are so fatal. According to the world health organization, it was discovered that millions of individuals had lost their lives on this disease. As a result of this, we have several types of research about the causes of the disease and many laboratories across the world have taken their time to figure out the real causes of this dangerous sickness. However, many results were generated, but few preventions were implemented. But let’s get to know the real causes of the Down syndrome and its symptoms as well.

1What is Down Syndrome?

I think it will be awesome for us to know what Down syndrome is all about. A wise man once said that for you to be able to tackle the cause of a problem efficiently, there is a need to know what the question entails. Therefore, I will be unveiling to you the real cause of the Down syndrome.

Down syndrome is known to be a genetic problem that occurs inform of disorder of genes; it is also commonly known as the autosomal chromosome that is abnormal in the human cells. The diseases take place when the genetic material is beyond 21 chromosome number to the end that it forms a new embryo. The extra chromosomes are known to be the cause of embryo development and fetus resulting in physical and brain abnormalities. Most of the people that fall victim of this are in most cases unique which led to significant variability in the administrations of their symptoms. [1]


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