Facts about Lazy Eye (Amblyopia) in Children

Lazy eye or amblyopia is a condition mostly occurring in children. It occurs when one eye can be weaker than the other one, which leads to abnormal development of overall visibility in childhood or infancy. If left untreated over time, it might decrease vision in one or two eyes. Indeed, this is one of the leading causes of vision loss in kids. Below are 10 basic facts about the lazy eye in children that parents should know.

1Symptoms are not Obvious

It is not always simple to notice the symptoms of the lazy eye because most children don’t complain about their vision issues. Instead, they tend to adapt and use the better eye in daily activities. Parents or teachers might also find out the presence of this condition through some typical signs such as the poor perception of depth, squinting, head tilting, misaligned eyes, or decrease visibility. Also, make sure to have frequent vision screenings for your kids to detect the problem early, which is important in treating effectively. [1]


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