Signs and Causes of a Toddler Fever

A fever is a natural mechanism of the immune system to fight foreign invaders. It involves a temporary increase in body temperature. Having a fever indicates that there might be an illness or abnormal thing occurring in the body. This can be uncomfortable, but it is often not a cause for concern. When the temperature is too high, it might be caused by a serious infection. Below are some common signs and causes of a toddler fever that you should know.

16 Signs of Toddler Fever

High Body Temperatures

The most obvious sign of a fever is an increase in body temperature. This is a natural response to fight infections. A normal temperature in toddlers should be around 36.5 degrees. This figure would vary a bit from baby to baby. When it exceeds 38 degrees, this is an early sign of a mild fever. Having a body temperature of more than 39.4 degrees can indicate a more serious condition. Most parents often touch their babies to measure the temperature. However, it is better to use a thermometer for a precise reading. When the symptom lasts more than 3 days, visit a doctor immediately to prevent dangerous complications. [1]


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