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Top 12 Causes of Hives

Hives or urticaria are raised and itchy welts which often occur on the skin. These spots are often flesh-colored, pink, or red, and they tend to hurt or sting. In most cases, hives are mostly triggered by allergic reactions to a drink, food, medication, or an irritant in the surrounding environment. Fortunately, it is often a temporary or acute issue which might be relieved with drugs or go away itself. Below are the top 12 causes of hives that you should know.

Intense Emotions

Responses to intense emotion could lead to an outbreak of hives. For those people with chronic or long-lasting hives, anger and stress would heat up their body and result in the release of histamine. This eventually causes more scratching and itching feelings on the skin. That’s why it is important to avoid any activities or tasks that might cause intense emotional stages. Also, it is suggested to visit your healthcare provider to find out the exact causes and get an antihistamine prescription. The treatment is individualized and might involve taking medications. [1]