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Top 10 Signs of Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis is a health issue in which your spinal column gets narrowed and begins compressing your spinal cord. Since this part is responsible for providing support and stability for the upper areas of the body, and impaired or damaged component might affect your basic functions such as sensation, balance or walking. This condition can happen anywhere along your spine. The level of intensity can vary, depending on the individual. Here are the top 10 signs of spinal stenosis that you should look for to ensure an early diagnosis.

Buttock Pain

People with spinal stenosis often experience pain in the buttocks. Even though this might sound humorous, this sign should be taken seriously because this is the area where many of your important nerves go into the legs via the spine. In most cases, this pain is caused by the growth of bone spurs or compression of nerves in this area. However, keep in mind that buttock pain might also indicate different health issues, so make sure to check out with your healthcare provider. [1]