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10 Signs of Hives You Need to Watch Out

There exist different illnesses that affect people in various ways where you may have come across the hives illness. It’s not a widespread disease known to many and also referred to as urticaria. The illness is characterized by some skin rash that follows red and raised itchy bumps on the skin of the patient. The bumps or the plaques may sting or burn where the patches of the rash move around the body while changing positions. You will also notice that the illness does not leave any permanent changes to the skin and usually lasts for a shorter period of fewer than six weeks. Here are the 10 signs of hives that you need to watch out.


One of the common signs that you will discover on someone suffering from hives is the presence of welts which means raised bumps and areas which are surrounded by a red base. The welts can appear on any part of the skin and then disappear after some days or weeks. The bumps usually occur as a result of a complex release of inflammatory mediators which may include the histamine that comes from the cutaneous mast cells. When such happens, there comes a leakage of fluid from the superficial blood vessels that causes the bumps when disposed to the skin where the welts may be pinpoint size or some inches in diameter. [1]