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Best Board Games for Kids

If your children seem to be addicted to smartphones or TVs, then board games can be a good alternative. With simple rules and various features, they can make the family time much better and more memorable. Parents can play with kids before dinner or the whole night at weekends. In addition to entertaining your little ones, these games can also help them develop important skills in life, such as problem solving, creativity, or planning. Let’s take a look at the following list and choose suitable board games for your kids.


Stratego is a classic board game that can make your family time much better. Parents and children all around the world have been playing it for more than 5 decades. The rules are very simple to learn. Game pieces with higher numbers will be defeated by game pieces with lower numbers. Keep in mind to be careful with bombs when you are trying to capture the flag. Once your children have mastered the strategy of the game, they can have many rounds of engaging and enjoyable play. Stratego is recommended for kids over 8 years old. [1]