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10 Parathyroid Disease Symptoms

Parathyroid is a group of four tiny glands that release a special type of hormone to keep the right balance of blood calcium. Many conditions would be triggered by disorders in these organs. Hypoparathyroidism occurs when the levels of calcium in your bloodstream are higher than usual, while hyperparathyroidism is caused when the levels of blood calcium are lower than normal. Both issues would lead to many problems with your bones, nervous system, kidney, muscles, and digestive system. Below are 10 common signs of parathyroid diseases that you should know.

No Symptoms

In most cases, people with parathyroid disease often have no clear symptoms at all. This makes it very difficult to detect or diagnose this health issue. When the condition progresses over time, the symptoms would be so unnoticeable or slight. During this period, you would notice these signs but tend to ignore them since they are not often serious. Most patients often find out the presence of parathyroid disorder only when it is already severe. Immediate medical attention is necessary for these situations to prevent further complications. [1]