Signs of Concussion

A concussion is a severe, traumatic brain injury that affects the normal functions of your brain. It can be caused when you hit something in the head. Violently shaking the upper body and head would also lead to concussions. Effects can be temporary with headaches and issues with coordination, balance, memory, or concentration. Repeated concussions would lead to permanent damages to your brain. Below are 10 common signs of a concussion that you need to look for and seek medical attention.


A concussion occurs when your brain hits your skull during an accident or injury. Thus, headaches are one of the most common signs of this condition. Unlike usual headaches, concussion headaches can be hard to relieve and treat due to the underlying cause. However, there are still some options to help alleviate them. There are no medications that would deal with the underlying cause, so people with this symptom have to be treated when they happen. It is essential to know that these headaches are often temporary and would fade away gradually over time. Make sure to have it checked by your doctor to prevent further complications. [1]


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