7 Kinds of Diet for Multiple Sclerosis

Among the various diseases that affect the body system, multiple sclerosis is one of the most devastating and destroying diseases. This is the disease that affects, most times, the brain and the spinal cord. It occurs when the myelin, which gives protection to the nerve fiber, is attacked by the immune system. This causes a break down in the communication system of the body with other parts of the body. According to researchers, this disease can be by the consumption of good food and at the same time exercise. This article is written to give the readers about the basic MS diet that can serve as a cure to the disease.

1Swank Diet

Swank diet is a food diet that condemns the high rate of consumption of food or classes of food that contains more fat and some part of dairy food. It limits the consumption of fat to 15 grams and 20-25 grams of unsaturated fat. Fats such as red meat and oily fish are advised to be taken once in a while and not daily. This name of this diet is coined from the name of the person who developed in the person of Dr. Roy Swank in the 1940s. Although the effectiveness of this diet has not been confirmed, a report from researcher made it valid that people who are on this diet experience more of less determination. [1]


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